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Boost Algaecide Performance, Degrade Dead Matter

PondZilla Pro is a natural catalyst that accelerates chemical treatments by improving penetration. When mixed with an algaecide or herbicide it speeds the breakdown of dead algae and aquatic plants while stimulating naturally occurring bacteria to fixate nutrients liberated during this process. By accelerating chemical reactions, PondZilla Pro improves copper algaecide performance. This is especially critical in hard water applications when copper solubility and performance is reduced. PondZilla Pro alone will not kill aquatic plants and algae.

Product Highlights

  • Biocatalyst that improves the efficiency of chemical treatments
  • Dissolves dead algae or aquatic plants on a cellular level
  • Speeds chemical reactions and penetration of algaecides and herbicides
  • Aids in hard water applications


  • Lakes and ponds
  • Golf courses
  • Aquaculture
  • Retention ponds
  • Hatcheries
  • Decorative ponds
  • Water feature
  • And more!


  • Used as an adjuvant
  • Speeds chemical reactions
  • Cleans up dead plant matter
  • Rainfast via improved absorption
  • Less chemical use
  • Safe for environment and applicator
    PondZilla Pro Product Sheet
    PondZilla Pro SDS