Pond Maintenance Philosophy

Man Maintaining His Pond

Long Term & Proactive Maintenance

Achieving a long term view of pond management should be the goal of every pond and lake owner. Instead of waiting to see an algae bloom in your pond and deciding to treat it, you should strive to create a balanced ecosystem where algae does not thrive! If your pond is located in the Northern California area connect our sister company Aquatic Resource Management to receive your pond services needs. Also, if you are located in the Northern California area and you would like to stock your pond with premium farmed fish connect with the Fort Bragg Trout Farm.

Preventing a Eutrophic Environment OR Emphasize Proactive Maintenance

Organic matter is constantly finding its way into your pond through leaf litter, waterfowl waste, grass trimmings, and seasonal runoff. This organic matter breaks down slowly releasing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. Through the consistent application of probiotics, you can offset this long term nutrient loading and avoid the perils of a hyper eutrophic pond.

Treating a Eutrophic Environment OR Reactive Treatment When Needed

If left unchecked, excessive nutrient loads will grow rapidly and create a eutrophic aquatic environment (one that exhibits excessive plant and algae growth). Muckbiotics, Naturalake’s muck-reducing probiotic, is a great way to reduce nutrient loads and restore balance to your pond. In addition to using Muckbiotics, it’s important to use best pond management practices such as: assess and address the surface runoff to your pond, limit tree canopy cover near the pond, and remove seasonal plant growth.