Harmful Algae Blooms

A hand in a lake experiencing a harmful algae bloom

What are HABs (Harmful Algae Blooms)?

Cyanobacteria, blue green algae, harmful algae blooms, HABs, these are all terms that describe toxin-producing algae blooms which can be harmful to pets, wildlife and humans. The worst cases of HABs, such as "golden algae," can kill off entire fish populations.  

Preventing Harmful Algae Blooms

Although harmful algae blooms have been a growing issue throughout the United States, with proper aeration, the application of probiotics and other best management practices, you can help to ensure your pond will not suffer the consequences of cyanobacteria.

Identifying & Treating Harmful Algae

To make matters worse, harmful algae blooms are hard to identify with the naked eye. Lab analyses are often needed to confirm which algae species are present. If you believe that your pond is experiencing a harmful algae bloom, be sure to limit pond pets, wildlife and humans from interacting with the pond and seek assistance in algae sampling and identification.

While beneficial bacteria alone can not always mitigate the onset of this type of algae bloom, it can be a tool of limiting it. If your pond does experience an "HAB", using a biocatalyst, such as Pondzilla, in concert with your algaecide can greatly increase the algaecide’s efficacy.