Natural Products vs Herbicides

Natural Products Vs Herbicides

Lessen Our Impact on the Environment

The goal of pond and lake management should be to create a balanced and sustainable system that doesn't need the constant input of algaecides and herbicides.  We are of the mindset that the less algaecides and herbicides we use to accomplish our goal, the better!


As opposed to solely relying on herbicides and algaecides to kill plants and algae, we use Naturalake probiotics to maintain a balanced environment to limit plant and algae growth.  This limited growth allows us to use less algaecides and herbicides than otherwise needed and leads to healthier ecosystems in ponds and lakes.

Using probiotics to breakdown excess nutrients in your pond helps create a system that has a low trophic level that doesn't allow for abundant growth of algae and invasive plants. The most efficient nutrient to target is phosphorus and by keeping phosphorus levels low, you can starve algae and invasive plants of an essential nutrient.  By limiting phosphorus, we can create a cleaner and clearer body of water!


There are times when probiotics alone are not enough to combat algae and plant growth. This is where our biocatalyst products can assist in still limiting further algaecide and herbicide applications.  By using our Pondzilla or Aquasticker products alongside your algaecide or herbicide applications, you can reduce the amounts of algaecides and herbicide needed, as well as accelerate the degradation of the organic matter left behind.