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Treatment Enhancing Catalyst

AquaSticker is a biological sticking agent that disrupts the protective microbiota of algae and aquatic plants. It is the result of extensive research in the Naturalake Biosciences’ laboratory. This product is the latest innovation in aquatic bio-catalyst technologies. AquaSticker stimulates competitive bacterial growth and encourages algae and aquatic plants to naturally uptake chemicals.

This versatile technology boosts herbicide and algaecide performance in a variety of applications. It excels in hard water treatments and can be applied as a tablet or liquid as needed. AquaSticker blends well with most chemistries and biologicals including PondZilla and Water Column Clarifier.

Product Highlights

  • Biological sticking agent that disrupts the protective microbiota
  • Stimulates competitive bacterial growth on algae or aquatic plants
  • Encourages aquatic plants to naturally uptake chemicals
  • Aids in hard water applications


  • Increases chemical uptake
  • Speeds chemical reactions
  • Boosts probiotic performance
  • Improves adhesion and contact
  • Less chemical use
  • Safe for environment and applicator
Aquasticker Product Sheet
Aquasticker SDS